Juju user management
× Caution! These older versions of Juju documentation are no longer maintained and are provided for reference only. See docs.jujucharms.com for the current, supported documentation.

User management

This section covers topics related to managing users at the administrative level.

Disabling and re-enabling users

An administrator can sever user communication from a user to the controller they manage by disabling them. The effect is immediate. To get a list of potential users to disable the juju users command can first be used.


To disable the user 'mike':

juju disable-user mike

To re-enable the user 'mike':

juju enable-user mike

Disabled users do not show up in the output to juju users unless the '--all' option is used:

Controller: cstack

Name    Display name  Access     Date created    Last connection
admin*  admin         superuser  2016-10-12      just now
mike                  login      17 minutes ago  never connected (disabled)

Changing user passwords

The local user is prompted to set a password when registering the controller. This password can subsequently be changed either by the user or by the admin user of the controller. For the user, it is simply a matter of running:

juju change-user-password

The admin user must also supply the name of the user account whose password is to be changed:

juju change-user-password mike

Then simply follow the prompts to enter and confirm a new password.